We offer families a flexible specialist service at your convenience. You decide when your child receives therapy, where and for how long. We offer individual or group therapy sessions, depending on your budget and your child’s needs. Whether you require Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy or both and no matter how mild or severe your child’s needs, we will work WITH you to tailor the perfect assessment and intervention plan that suits your lifestyle and budget.


We offer nursery schools a range of services to help meet the needs of a growing number of children with communication difficulties. 

  1. We can deliver Communikids in your nursery school –  one of our speech and language therapists will come on-site to work with a group of children whose parents have requested a Communikids group. The groups consist of 3-6 children and we provide all materials and resources to deliver this specialist group. The cost per session is £200 for 10 sessions per child or £180 for 20 sessions per child. 
  2. You may also like to send your staff on one of our twilight training sessions at Kids First.


Kids First is part of Words First Ltd. Words First Ltd provides services to 55 schools across London who buy in between half and five days per week. The service has grown purely through word of mouth and you may find more information about our integrated literacy and language approach at Words First. Our Autism First service provides services for children with social communication difficulties in mainstream schools. Please visit Autism First if you’re interested in this service.