Training and Support




At Kids First, we offer regular FREE training for parents with (limited) crèche facilities available. The sessions are 2 hours each and include tea and biscuits and short handouts.

  • Autism – the session covers “what is Autism and how to help at home”
  • How to boost your child’s speech at home – the session includes “simple ways to stimulate your child’s talking using everyday routines”
  • English as an additional language – research and how to help your child 
  • Processing speed difficulties – what are they and what can you do about them? 
  • The different types of dyslexia – the session will cover “the different types of dyslexia, how to identify them and what to do about them”


Kids First offers training for nursery school staff to increase awareness of speech, language, literacy and communication difficulties. Attendees learn how to identify potential difficulties and will learn a range of exciting and fun games and activities that can be included in your daily routine to build strong communication skills.


Being a parent of a child with speech, language or communication difficulties can seem lonely and there are times when you feel helpless, unsupported and isolated. However, there are MANY other parents going through similar situations as well as many parents who have already been through what you're going through. Whether you're embarking on the EHCP process, are just feeling a bit 'low' or need some advice and tips to support your child, we want to help.  The Kids First Support Groups are led by parents of children with additional needs, parents who want to SHARE their ideas and experiences so that you may benefit from their mistakes and successes! A Kids First therapist facilitates the conversations and discussion so that you have a safe place to listen and share your experiences too. We are able to provide child care and attendance is absolutely FREE! 

Please watch this space for our next group (June 2017) or contact us to enquire.